Friday, 17 January 2014


The purpose of this blog is to provide somewhere where I can upload photos and details relating to extant wargraves located within the grounds of churches and cemeteries in the Selby district.

Except in particular circumstances, all detailed wargraves will be post WW1. I expect, due to the nature of graves registration and burial during that conflict, that the majority will be from the 2nd World War or interwar conflicts. This blog will carry only details of actual marked graves - monuments and memorials will not be included as a matter of record, only if photographed at the same time during my visits.

It is not in any way my intention to cause any distress, but simply to collate these details as a reference work. If anything listed does cause concern, I will remove any pictures concerned.

This work will be a slow process, do not expect any fast results. It is also in no way an authoritative work, errors and omissions are to be expected.

The format will be simple - A particular visited church or cemetery will receive one or more postings. Churches will be included even if no wargraves are present, to aid in elimination of locations. If wargraves are present, detailed listings and where possible photographs, will be included. Each church or cemetery will have at least one identifying photograph per post.

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