Tuesday, 25 February 2014

St Mary's, Church Fenton

Church Fenton, or Kirk Fenton as it is otherwise, including on the church notice board, known, served not only the parish, but also, until its final closure a short while ago, the RAF airfield of Church Fenton. It is perhaps odd to see an otherwise ancient church equipped as St Mary's is with a set of Aircraft Warning Lights!

St. Mary's Church Fenton has one extant war grave. There is also a plaque on a family interment, Detailing one Michael Gaunt, died age 20 on 16 April 1948, and marked specifically as RAF. This I think deserves a little further research. The date is post hostilities for WW2, but of course the RAF were serving still in many parts of the world in 1948. This could be a family marker to reflect a loss interred in some remote commonwealth cemetery.

The extant grave is also interesting as it seems to show a change in unit, perhaps as a result of an injury during service.

Extant war grave St. Mary's, Church Fenton -

1802143  Gunner  Darley, W.
53rd Searchlight Rgt, Royal Artillery
Late of 5th batt. Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
9 June 1944  Age 35

This grave also contains family interments.

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