Thursday, 1 December 2016

Selby District War Grave Survey Complete

My survey of war graves within the Selby District is now complete.

Carrying out this survey has led me to locations throughout the district that I would not normally have visited, where I have seen the range of church architecture from medieval to modern, and located extant war graves from the earliest days of the First World War, through WW2 and post-Imperial and Cold War conflicts, to modern day and current conflicts.

It has been an interesting, thought provoking and, at times, sobering process.

I hope that this blog will provide a useful resource to others undertaking similar research, and that some may find it complementary to other, and official, sources.

If any reader can provide any clarity of detail on any of the graves, especially those of post-WW2/Cold War/post-Imperial conflicts, or those that may be due to non-hostilities accidents, please feel free to post comments.

With the main survey complete, there will be few new updates from now on. These will occur for sites just outside of the Selby districts, if I happen to be passing them.

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