Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tadcaster Cemetery and St. Mary's

The graveyard of St Mary's, Tadcaster has no recent burials, and hence no extant wargraves. However, this impressive church, which is open to the public and very much worth visiting in its own right, does contain a bronze memorial, plus a stained glass window, the 'Sykes and Charlesworth' window, dedicated to two fallen soldiers.

Tadcaster's municipal cemetery however holds quite a few wargraves. This large town plot is situated just on the outskirts of the town. Of interest are two graves with 1950's dates.

There are also some private memorials to servicemen, and a neatly tended row, however most are scattered around the cemetery. One is to a Lieutenant Earnest Fulton Reynolds, RAF. Another is to Captain Stearne Tighe Edwards DFC, RAF. Aged 25years, who died of 'injuries sustained on Armistice day'

The extant interments are as follows -

2654902   Turner, H.  Sgt
Corps of Military Police
28th June 1941

Harnett, B.M.  Flying Officer
18th March 1953  Age 21

243051   Smith, J.  Pte
Lancashire Fusiliers
17th October 1918

62859  Collihole, T.J.  Air Mechanic
Royal Flying Corp
13th March 1917

S/344031   Tullett, J.  Cpl
Army Service Corp
13th June 1918  Age 21

7441 Blake, H.  Pte
West Yorkshire Regt
28th February 1919  Age 32

19174  Ward, E.  Gnr
Royal Field Artillery
29th October 1918

Theobald, C.S.  Flight Cadet
26th October 1918

143176  Whincup, T.N.  Pte
Machine Gun Corps (inf)
19th August 1919  Age 34

564134  Constable, J.S.  Cpl
22nd July 1940  Age 26

1532802  Franklin, F.W.
Royal Artillery
9th July 1940  Age 22

7687767  Wilson, G.  L/Cpl
Corps of Military Police
24th April 1941

4610154 Starr, W.S.  WOII (CSM)
The Duke of Wellingtons Regt
18th January 1944  Age 35

Douglas Allanby,  Lt (F)
Royal Navy, HMS Fulmar
6th January 1955  Age 25

1590833  Richardson, R.  Sgt Air Gunner
15th January 1945

11055450  Harland, A. Gnr
Royal Artillery
10th December 1943  Age 38

1100861  Wilson, J.E.  Sgt  Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
28th December 1941  Age 21

1064089  Gawthroup, S.  Aircraftsman 1st class
1st November 1941  Age 25

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