Monday, 15 September 2014

St, Jame's, Fairburn

Fairburn was once a little known hamlet passed by without notice by the many travelers on the A1, but since the rerouting of the A1 some years ago, it is a peaceful quiet village. The church has an information board with local history by the main gate. This board talks of a WW1 soldier killed in an accident near the local pub. Whether this is the same soldier Lazenby listed below is unclear.

Four graves can be seen in this churchyard

13106205 Pte  Rigby, A. W.
Pioneer Corps
20th November 1943  Age 40

1514792  Sgt  Barker, C. D.
W/T Navigator, RAF
7th July  1943  Age 22

999793  A/c 1st Class  Woolley, G.
7th April 1947

33975  Pte  Lazenby, A.
Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
12th September 1916  Age 30

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